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Projects and campaigns

Você não está sozinha [You are not alone]

"Você não está sozinha" was a campaign against sexual assault carried out by METRÔ (São Paulo's metro/underground company). This photo, in which I am depicted, was displayed on the trains for about two years, but my participation (and that of Ana Carolina Nunes, in blue) was more behind the scenes: for about a year and a half, we met with various directors of Metro to raise awareness about the problem of sexual assault and gender violence, to think about it and to plan possible response strategies. The campaign, which aimed to increase the reports, was very successful. There was an increase of almost 100% in less than a year and the campaign was widely accepted by users, particularly women. 

More about our participation in:


Speak Out

"Speak Out" was an Avon campaign for 2020's International Women's Day, and it aimed to encourage women to tell their stories and to denounce injustice and violence - against ourselves and other women. I was one of the ambassadors of this campaign, which had its course altered by the Pandemic. 

Project's website:

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