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Hi there! I am Nana Soares, a proud Brazilian and Latin-American feminist and activist. I find it very difficult to explain my professional life - that's why I created this website. I've explored many things and studied a few others. I have my specialities but, more important, I am a person always willing to learn more. 

To be honest, I love the fact that I have worked in different areas. 

I've studied Journalism at the University of São Paulo (2014) and I hold a Masters in Gender and Development by the Institute of Development Studies/University of Sussex (UK- 2019). I want to fight inequalities and build a more equal world. Violence and Health are two of the topics I've worked and researched the most. 

I've written, created, planned and produced content for multiple projects and media outlets (still do!). I also work as a consultant, analyst, translator and I've done some important advocacy - all focused on gender equality and its intersections with race and sexuality. And this is what I want to keep doing. 

Some important facts about me: I don't see the point in keeping knowledge or expertise amongst a few privileged. I like sharing; I believe the world is complex and people don't fit into boxes.


Having said this, I advise you to keep an open mind regarding my professional experience, as there is a lot of expertise and a whole set of skills that links cannot show you. These are just the highlights. 


Feel free to ask me or contact me to know more :)


I've also hosted a podcast on pop culture and feminism called Pop Don't Preach. 

Worked as a consultant on gender equality and representation for big agencies such as AlmapBBDO. 


I've given several talks in companies (such as 99 and ProPay) about gender equality and fighting gender-based violence. 

Words on Editora Abril, Época, Estadão, Projeto Draft, Itaú Mulher Empreendedora, and more (brief portfolio in Portuguese). Also collaborated with projects on gender equality such as Programaria and Tear. I have worked in NGOs and media outlets of different sizes and reach, such as Article 19 and Ação Educativa. Wait, there's more: I worked at Twitter Brazil as Content Curator, as well as I've worked on communications agencies, focusing on digital.  

And on the bad days at least I can say I was... 

  • A Chevening Scholar (2018-2019); 

  • Recognised as the best dissertation of my Masters; 

  • One of the Inspiring Women of 2016 in the category Communications (list by Think Olga); 

  • Awarded a journalistic prize in 2015 (prêmio Estadão). The category was the best article of Services, and the awarded project was the final project of my class of Economic Journalism. 


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